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PRAY - About Us
pranva bhagirath Pranav Bhagirath

A Tribute to all the people who want to contribute to the socio-economic development of the under privileged,
-A Desire to bring smiles in the lives of under privileged
-A Dream of living in a world rid of poverty
-A Movement to involve the Youth in accomplishing this.

The mission of PRAY is to initiate and implement projects with a view to serve the under-privileged members of the community hereby focusing on the key areas of Education, Health Care and Self-reliance and setting up projects to protect the environment, ensuring that our children will have a chance to….

We plan to achieve this mission by building an organization that will channelize support and contribution to initiate & implement self sustaining developmental activities in parts of the world where required.

PRAYer from the Founder & Chairman

One of the early lessons that I learnt in my life was that every morning brings new hope. And this is also the driving force behind PRAY.

It is not something new that PRAY is doing or trying to achieve. There are various organizations and individuals already involved in many such noble causes - contributing to the development of society and under privileged. We see this as our humble contribution in the big picture.

When I started pursuing my Medical degree at Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I discussed the concept of PRAY with some like-minded friends and set out on this exciting journey.

I firmly believe that with a little contribution from all of us, we can bring a smile and a new hope in the lives of many around us.

Here I would also like to pay my gratitude to my family and thank all my friends, seniors at the Medical Faculty and everyone else who have supported PRAY and helped me to bring this concept to reality. I also would like to thank all the eminent members of the Advisory Board of PRAY for their invaluable direction and commitment.

Join me in my PRAYer and help PRAY to be successful in this noble cause.

--Pranav Bhagirath


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