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PRAY Foundation Gala 2010


From dancing salsa to a comical performance that had the whole crowd in stitches, the third annual PRAY Foundation held a spectacular gala show at the KLM Sport Center in Amstelveen. Attended by approximately 140 guests, it was certainly a very memorable evening.


On Friday, 20 November, the KLM Sport Center was transformed into a richly decorated decor. A buffet formed a setting for a festive dinner. The guests were welcomed by classical musicians and by hostesses who guided the guests to their table. During the gala evening there was a buffet dinner combined with entertainment, song and dance.
The 4-hour Gala showcased the talents of different performances entertaining the packed room. First up was a standup comedy performance by Steven Stol. The performance was full of energy and had everyone clapping. He is gifted with being a naturally funny person and had the crowd laughing throughout. Besides musical performances by jazz musicians and classical musicians Florence de Man, Arend Lamberts, Matthijs Lamberts, Daan Alberga and comedian Steven Stol, there was a Bharatanatyam performance: one of the most popular and widely performed Indian dance styles. The professional performance was another great success of the evening and this was all topped off by some salsa dancing. With some delightful dance moves, the dance dazzled the astonished audience.
With the more serious business in mind: there was also auction for various items, donated by the Pray Foundation sponsors. Over € 4,000.00 was raised and all the proceeds will go towards funding PRAY initiatives in the areas of Health & Hygiene and Food for All.
And with that, the Gala drew to a close. It has been a great success and we hope that the spectacle will flourish and can only grow for many years to come.
The feedback from participants has been fantastic. If you attended the event we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you!


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