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PRAY - Initiatives

goal-1 Millenium Development Goal 1 is to Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger.

There is an old saying by Robert Louis Stevenson – Give me a fish, I eat for a day. Teach me to fish, I eat for a lifetime. One of the long term goals of PRAY is to create self-reliant individuals who are able to sustain their livelihood and support their families. This is the underlying belief and motivation behind PRAY’s efforts to support activities dedicated to ensure that undereducated and unskilled people are adequately trained for decent jobs.

This is also demonstrated by the commitment PRAY has shown to this key area by incorporating a Vocational Training Workshop in its ambitious PRAY India Project. For further information and the current status go to PRAY India Project.


goal-2 Millenium Development Goal 2 is to Achieve Universal Primary Education.

More than 774 million adults in the developing world are illiterate, according to surveys by UNESCO. Around the world, one of every eight children is not enrolled in primary school, and more than one third of adolescents are not in high school. "Poverty has many roots, but the tap root is ignorance." Education tends to remove this ignorance.

Education is the most basic necessity after those that are vital to life itself--food, clothing, and shelter. The truth is that all people have a right to have these basic needs fulfilled, and they also have a right to education.

Education is also necessary for the social development of any society. It empowers an individual to understand and implement the good of human behavior. It teaches equality between genders and works on the abolishment of petty differences like gender, caste, creed religion and geographies


In this regard the world is not doing well. The problem lies with resource allocation in most of the developing countries. A lot of development is needed but due to the lacking infrastructure and shortage of training personnel many nations tend to ignore education knowingly or unknowingly. Education, that should serve as a building block in the development of nation hereby goes missing. It is obvious that more funds and resources need to be diverted to education. Therefore one of the key focus areas of PRAY is promoting and aiding free basic education.

PRAY works with underprivileged children and adults and provides necessary support to enable them to achieve basic literacy levels.
PRAY Foundation has setup The PRAY India Project. An ambitious project which will have a school imparting free primary education. For further information and the current status go to PRAY India Project.

PRAY is currently running a program called “Sponsor a Student” that supports the education of children with the help of sponsors. Click here to read more about this project.


goal-6 It is important to recognize the role of Healthcare in the process of socio-economic development and improvement in the quality of life. Fundamental economic, social and political issues in many developing nations impede access to health care services and medicines. Impassable roads and weak transportation systems block patients, providers and medicines from reaching health facilities. Lack of clean water and sewage treatment and overcrowded housing spread diseases.

PRAY endeavors to provide easily accessible and free of cost basic medical assistance to the under-privileged. PRAY organizes medical camps on a regular basis where basic medical aid is offered free of cost. As part of its ambitious PRAY India Project, PRAY is planning to build a Basic Medical Care Centre providing free medical advice and care. For further information and the current status go to PRAY India Project.


goal-7 Millenium Development Goal 7.
Environmental Stability is split into various targets.

Environment is a vast subject and includes everything that Mother Nature has gifted to us. PRAY has identified two areas where it would like to focus its attention ; providing safe drinking water & reducing biodiversity loss.

Water is nature’s most precious gift. Therefore it’s a pity that almost half of the world’s population still faces scarcity of water (source: UN ) and that nearly one billion people lack access to safe drinking water (source: UN ). PRAY will endeavor to increase water harvesting & improve water infrastructure at the ground level to reduce physical & financial water scarcity.

Trees exist for the benefit of the humanity and provide many advantages to the environment in which we live. Trees clean the air, absorb pollution, prevent soil erosion and protect against natural disasters. PRAY encourages tree plantation at large. PRAY’s plans to take massive “Tree Plantation drive” involving people from the society to participate in the conservation of the environment.


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