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Sponsor a Student

PRAY Foundation is committed to ensuring that every child has the equal right to enjoy a quality education and believes that this is the route out of poverty and the basis for sustainable development.

Sponsor a Student

We are committed to ensuring that we use every cent that we receive as donation or sponsorship to manage and run the programme(s) for which it has been earmarked.

Sponsorship options You may choose to sponsor:

  1. 1 Full Academic Semester (Tuition, Meal, Books, Uniform)
  2. 1 Full Academic Year (Tuition, Meal, Books, Uniform)
  3. 2 Full Academic Years (Tuition, Meal, Books, Uniform)
  4. Complete Basic Education: 8 Academic Years (Tuition, Meal, Books, Uniform)

Your sponsorship supports education and enrichment of an underprivileged child. You, as the sponsor, are able to follow the progress of the child/children that you are sponsoring via our online tool at : www.prayfoundation.org/sponsor


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