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PRAY India Project

PRAY has been involved in providing aid and support to individuals on a case to case base for many years.

This project is a result of several brain storming sessions to consolidate the various activities and provide a platform for growth in a consistent and continuous manner. This is a conscious decision by the Foundation to operate at the ground level, ensuring that the aid and support reach the right and deserving individuals directly.

To determine the location where this project would be based, PRAY Foundation Trustees initiated discussions at formal and informal level with various individuals and organizations. Based on many factors including support and familiarity with the local region, requirement analysis etc; a unanimous decision was taken to initiate the pilot project in the Uttar Pradesh province in Northern India.

PRAY India Project location

A project team was setup to make a financial analysis & feasibility study and drawing up a project plan. The Team comprises of experts with many years of experience in setting up and managing institutions, civil engineering and design experts, business management, to name a few. They volunteered for this team and within a short span of 4 months the planning phase was completed. Project Plan Phase 1

The project team also recommended that PRAY must strive to push self sustainability in the project. A couple of recommendations are as below:

25% of the students to pay a small fee which will support the study of rest of the 75% of the under privileged students since the school is run on ‘no profit no loss’ basis.


To set up a repair and maintenance section with students from the Vocation Training Centre for looking after its own facilities and also undertaking electrical/plumbing/carpentry projects on payment basis.

At this point of time, we are working on the project on the following guidelines:

Phase 1 – Land acquisition. We were granted an opportunity by a noble person to use a piece of land for this purpose. Hence, Phase 1 was successfully completed. – Time frame Financial Year 2008

Location PRAY India Project

Phase 2 - Provide free basic education up to class 8 for about 240 students including a free mid-day meal using modern pedagogy methods. – Time frame Year 2011. The funding of the project is completed with the support of our partners and the construction was kicked off in Jan, 10. To view the current status on the ground, please click here.

Construction in progress

Phase 3 – A free vocational training centre to have a phased roll out of vocational course – Electrician, Plumbing, Stitching & repair of clothes, to name a few. – Time frame summer 2012. The funding for this phase is now on and if you would like to donate for the construction, please get in touch.

Phase 4 – Provide free basic medical treatment by setting up a Primary Medical centre. Time frame Year 2013



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