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cheap oakley sunglasses The popularity of vintage fashion trends has seen this iconic, 1950-1960's classic feminine style embraced by a new generation of modern women. The distinctive, up-swept style and curved lines give the face a flattering, feminine appearance, hence the style's popularity among fashion conscious women the world over. Create your own, retro inspired look with our cat eye sunglasses and glasses. Browse our wide range of frames, colors and patterns to find your perfect pair!Identifying your face shape is the key to choosing your perfect frames. If you¡¯ve got a round face shape, you have fuller cheeks, a wide forehead and a rounded chin and your face is usually proportional in width and length. Sharpen your soft features with bold, angular lines. Rectangle, square and even some cateye frames look spectacular on you. Beware styles that sit too low on your face; the bottom of the frame should sit just above your cheekbones. cheap oakleys An ideal pair of sunglasses is a Jane-of-all-trades. It scoffs in the face of Ultraviolet (UV) light and performs its due diligence of protection. It eliminates proof of a solo night dedicated to checking off chick flicks on the Netflix queue (now-empty boxes of tissues and Mint N¡¯ Chip Thrifty ice cream notwithstanding). And again the next week, when a night at a bar that gloriously played "Drunk in Love" on repeat turned into a cruel morning. Plus, now that Mr. Golden Sun has slowly inched its way out of gloomy clouds (that are so last season), the perfect pair is more in need than ever. Beach day, anyone? But, as they say: Nothing good comes easy. Regardless of that ideal pair¡¯s future duties, it¡¯s the hunt for the right pair that can be trying¡ªparticularly, when one essential aspect is a decent fit. With the help of Claudia Arroyo and Ritzy Ryciak, personal stylists at online eyewear boutique Rivet & Sway, we¡¯ve come up with the following guidelines to four classic face shapes that can help you handle a bright ?Experimenting. With your facial structure¡¯s well-balanced proportions, all types of shades will be flattering on you. "Women with oval face shapes are likely to be balanced and do not need to stick to a particular shape," says Claudia. Give whimsical designs a try, such as eye-catching circular and mirrored sunglasses; a funky, over exaggerated cat-eye pair; or quirky heart-shaped frames. ?Not going overboard with frame size. Though testing out unfamiliar shapes and frames is encouraged, proportion is still key. Frames should not be wider than the face¡¯s broadest point. learn more
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